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F.O. Development holds thirteen years of local and international experience in Croatia in field of project development and project management in real-estate. Our team derives from most renowned realised projects in Croatia. In cooperation with renowned architecture and planing offices we are developing, surveying, consulting and managing in real-estate. Our expert team consists of experts in field of construction, law, economics and architecture.





Our expert team is led by our CEO Denis Cupic who holds over thirteen years of experience in real-real estate development and project management. He was responsible for major  development in Croatia in years 2007 - 2010 a development and construction of West Gate Shopping city and infrastructure development and construction of all infrastructure in Shopping city Zagreb on area of 100 ha.


Denis Cupic is president of Developers Association under Croatian Employers Association (CEA), as well as member of council of CEA . He is Member of commission in Economic and social council of Republic of Croatia, as well as participant of various legislative workgroups on field of investments and enviromental protection. He is freguent active participant and panel member of conferences and round tables about investments.


In our work we are often advised from renowned experts in fields of legislative, construction and architecture. Together with them we are constantly improving our work processes to give our clients and the projects we are managing the best structure and work-flow optimized for them.





We are member of Board of Executives of Croatian Developers Association under Croatian Employers Association and our CEO Denis Cupic conducts the function of President in the association. Association brings together all significant investors and developers in Croatia.


Our expert knowledge is awarded with 2009 Annual Award of City of Zapresic for Development and Construction Management of infrastructure in and to the zone of Shopping city Zagreb.




Our services are always conducted in a team of experts which is led by an appointed head of project. Head of project reports to client and surveys all internal processes in our work-flow on a project.  Before start of works on project together with our client we define time-schedule, milestones, budget, reporting and team of experts which will be engaged to project. With our client we define the coordination measures such as reporting and coordination meetings which is done in form and time as agreed with our client. We deliver modes of our reporting to our client for approval before we start work on project.


Our work processes are always prepared and done bilingual. As needed for official corespondence and documents related to local affairs local language is implemented as official project language towards third parties but in communication with our partner all communication can be done bilingual upon client reguierments and as project language can be defined english or german.









Currently we are dispersing our activity in two brands, in which one is going to be dedicated to development, project management and investments as the other one would be dedicated to asset and property management services




In years of working on projects we addopted international modes in our work-flow and processes, and where needed adapted them to local work processes and legislative. Our work brougth us great experience and we are consantly developing new modes, processes as well as tools in our everyday work life in projects we develop or manage. In every project we are engaged to work on we at first make for us a deep screening of project and present processes and then make our structure and define the tools and processes needed.






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