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Some of the projects we are currently developing are presented, due to discretion policy some of the projects we are developing are not to be presented still. Underneath most crucial and representative of our projects are presented. All of pur projects can be found in our reference list.


                                                                                                                                                                                 References (pdf)




Strip malls

   In secondary and terciar cities in Croatia and Bosnia in sindicate with our partners we are developing strip malls projects of mid-level size. Aim is to develop brand of strip malls in region that would have unique image and be well accepted and recognised. Locations have high visibility and high frequency. Each mall will acompany 10 to 20 international tenants, petrol station and drive-in restaurant.


Strip Mall Gospic Presentation (pdf)


Shopping center City Point Varazdin                                                                                                                                    

   In Varazdin we are developing a shopping center of third generation together with Braunsberger Holding and partner company

D / C  Development / Construction. Aim of the development is to establish a modern shopping center with high quality mix of tenants and offer an entertainment and leisure component to visitors of the center. Development of entertainment center is first such in Varazdin.



West Gate Zagreb

  Together with Braunsberger Holding and Redserve we were the developer od West Gate Zagreb shopping mall. We developed complete communal infrastructure on the surface of 1 mio square metersBil, as well as developed and constructed largest shopping mall in Croatia, on which we provided also services od project management and tenant coordination.

  For Braunsberger Holding we are active as asset manager of their shares in the West Gate shopping center.



SHopping center City Colosseum Slavonski Brod

  In Slavonski Brod we were active on the development and construction of City Colosseum shopping mall as a tennat coordinator. Upon opening we are appointed as property and center manager and contracted Property, Center and Marketing Management of the center.                                         

Presentation (pdf)


Kalmar Medical Center

   In Rijeka we are active on development of medical center and hotel, as first medical tourism capacity on Kvarner. We are providing consultancy and structuring of commercial financing. 


Residential project banfica

   In Varazdin we are developing a residential project located in the part of city named Banfica. Our Banfica cosy-home project will incorporate residential usage with accsesibility of public and sport utilities. Parallel to our residential project 2 tenis courts and

basket-ball court would be constructed which would be free of charge accsesible to owners of appartents in our project. In 300 meter radius kindergarten and primary school are accsesible per foot over low frequented street grid. The whole location is located near the river Drava offering a lot of green facilities.


Swedspan Business development

   For Swedspan, part of INGKA Holding of IKEA, we have been partner in development of production capacities on Balkans, setting up of flatboard production. Project included Due Diligence and Project Development of brownfield project on one of the location from 15 identified locations. For the selected location enviromental impact assesment has benn prepared and plan of remedies for the construction plot of 500.000 square meters.


Logistic - distribution center V/Log

   In Varazdin we are developing a logistic and distribution center with 35.000 square meter of facilities consisting of modern warehouse storage, office anex and 25.000 square meters of partially opened storage. V/LOG would be conected to railroad junction allowing swift handling and distribution via railroad in corridor Croatia / Hungary / Serbia. Location is easy accsesible from road and has custom services in reach. Center is located near the airport Varazdin.


RHI Due Diligence Serbia

   For RHI Ag we have been contracted for a Due Diligence of  former industrial capacities with a goal of  redevelopment as a brownfield project on location in Serbia. We made contamination estimate, proposal of remedies and cost estimation for demolishing and disposal of existing objects with remedies measures thru the tendering of services.


Asset Management Braunsberger Holding

  For our longstanding partner and client Braunsberg Holding GmbH we are providing Asset Management of their real estate and sharehold portfolio on Balkans. Assets are mostly of retail and touristic type. 





F.O. / Development


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City Colosseum Slavonski Brod    



F.O. / Asset


City Colosseum Slavonski Brod  /  City Point Varazdin

Braunsberger Holding 

 D/C Development / Construction



We are investing in our own projects under D / C Development / Construction