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Our scope of work is divided in services related to development, project management and investment as a phase up to construction completion of a certain object, to the moment when a project becomes an operating object and in services related to asset and property management.


Beside our investment activities and projects our team delivers service of consultancy, development and project management in the process of development and investment in projects of real-estate sector. Specific to croatian market we are offering development as service providing.

Our services which we deliver as service provider are divided into Modules of services which consist from packages of services specific to certain project or investment phase. In every project we are engaged to work on we at first make for us a deep screening of a project and present processes followed by  a structured organization  and define the tools and processes needed.


Detailed insight to our services, description, detailed steps and work-flow are described in a presentation under hyperlink below.


Complete services (PDF)







   Our first module of services is the Acquisition. As a first step in creating added value we offer services related to identification and acquisition of location or identification of the project and its acquisition. Directly related to the acquisition service we offer Due Diligence.

Due Diligence

  In the acquisition phase of the project site or project we recommended to conduct the analysis of the location or conduct due diligence of the project, which could be decisive for further decisions concerning the location or project. We are conducting a full scale technical and legal due diligence.

Location Development

  Develops the basis for the development of masterplan. Under Location development primarily a location consisting of more land plots whose development reflects the wider area is being developed. In our development we are managing all topics of construction and environmental legislative. Output is feasibility study and masterplan.

Project Development

  Develops individual land plots or units. Output of project development is an optimal usage concept, spatial and functional program, feasibility study and analysis of project.

Preparation of the project and obtaining of the permits

  Includes all activities necessary for the process of ev. needed change of urban planning and coordination of preparation and confirmation of detailed urban plans, obtaining permits necessary for the approval of construction, it also includes coordination of services related to the design, environmental studies and applications, permit process and performance of infrastructure.

Project management

  Project management service allows Investor to delegate all of complexity and burden of project to a professional team led by the referenced project leader, from us nominated head of project. In scale of defined budget and milestones for Investor the project is being managed. Under the scope of work of this service we conduct  Project Stearing. A special part of the services is Construction Management.

Investor representation

  Encompass all of modules offered. Primarily includes the integration of all services and performance of project management through the defined cycle of project or the entire project. Our expert team and our appointed head of project on behalf of the investor overtakes all the necessary discussions, negotiations and activities, and it thus represents investor and his interests.

Tenant Coordination

  In process of leasing in respect to technical questions, in process of planing or constructing we coordinate the interests of the landlord and the ones of tenants. Outcome is optimised planing or construction with all of tenats reguirements harmonised with the landlords provisions.






Recording existing stock and analysing the current situation

  Systematically  gather all data for the properties in the portfolio. Aggregate property data at portfolio level. Assist in the definition of a portfolio objectives structure with quantitative and qualitative portfolio planning. Develop and implement measures for achieving the portfolio objectives structure (transactions, project developments, CAPEX, budgeting and budget allocation). Establishing the valuation methodology.

Risk management

  Identify risks at both property and portfolio levels on an ongoing basis.Regularly analyse and manage risks identified (risk monitoring). Develop and implement countermeasures to minimise and avoid risks.


  Continuously and systematically record relevant data at both property and portfolio levels: general property market data, economic data (economic activity, inflation, capital market data), legal conditions, taxation conditions, finance conditions.

Reporting / Accounting

  Define and create standard reports as well as the monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual reporting intervals. Calculate ROI for the properties. Create visual representations of the primary reporting figures. Create special reports, ad-hoc reports as required. Create and update financial plan.

Portfolio Management

  Determine the current market value using a variety of methods. Analyse portfolio (cash-flow, scoring, segmentation and scenarios etc.). Evaluate portfolio. Calculate profitability. Work out alternative approaches. Increase value of property through alternative forms of use. Risk assessments. Make suggestions regarding portfolio optimisation and support their implementation.

Financing and re-financing of the portfolio

  Drafting of a financing concept, identification of financing possibilities. Adressing potential financial institutions and equity partners.






Tenancy agreements

  Services regarding all tenant conected problems, issues and contract regulated obligations. We cover all possible issues conected with tenants for client.

Property contracts

  Gather all property details Keep property files with all contract and plan documentation as well as correspondence. Drafting a catalogue of needs and contracts with sub-providers of technical services.

Billing of rent, operating costs and additional charges

  Create and dispatch invoices  for rent, operating costs and additional charges to tenant. Make billing documentation and information available to tenant. Statement of operating costs and additional charges for completed billing periods as well as annual bill.

Late payments and collection

  Services regarding late payments of issued invoices. Management of reminders and collection inforcement procedures.


  Managing the insurance plan, revision of insurance coverage of a property. Revision of tenatns insurances. Handling and management of incidents and claims.

Budgeting and business planning

  Create a budget differentiated according to recoverable and non-recoverable operating costs. Budget the expected rental income for the managed property. Balance the budgeted values with the actual costs and income.Ongoing monitoring of technical and infrastructural  management

  Management of all sub-providers of technical building management related services for the preservation and maintenece of quality.


  Creating reports tailored to customers needs. Account statements, overviews, tenant details, sums owned etc. Every specifical report delivered in customer demanded format and frequency.







We manage for customer whole letting procedure. Development of sustainable tenant mix with brands and branches, drafting of a tenancy agreement, evaluation of rental income, cash-flow prognose. Initiating contacts and presentation. Negotiations of lease terms. Preparation and negotiation of lease agreements. Bilingual agreements preparation. Tecnical specifications revision and adaptation.






Centre operator concept, drafting of a house rules, tenant relations. Representation internal and external. Mall management, foot-fall and income optimization. Constant positioning management, evaluation of potentials. Risk management.






Development of a marketing concept. PR and marketing relations. Catalogue of measurements. SWAT analysis. External representation in respect to PR. Measures of positioning, constant evaluation of the perspectives and matketing strength. Administration of marketing community in a shopping centre.





Under the commercialization we provide consulting services to our client in the selling, letting or seeking partners for his project or property. As a first step we set up a strategy of commercialization. Our client can also count on our broad network of contacts that go back into ten years of our business activity and make a circle of renowned investors and commercial users of real estate and equity partners.





Our merger and acquisition advisory scope of work includes general strategic and transaction-specific advice regarding mergers and acquisitions in retail and real estate sector. We provide advice to management and Boards of Directors, business owners, institutions, investors and other interested parties.