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about us

Since 2001 we gained extensive real estate experience in central and south-eastern Europe, with strong focus on Balkans and Austria. Our portfolio of decision and real estate management roles in real estate ventures of joint investment value is over 1.5 billion EUR.

We are a founding member of Developers Association under Croatian Employers Association and a member of Economic and Social Council of Republic of  Croatia. This is a governmental body according to the Social partnership Agreement. As such we are an active participant of legislative work  groups and highly engaged in structural reforms being undertaken in Croatian legislation and doing business environment. We operate in 2 regional offices in Croatia, covering the Croatia with short response time and a well developed network.

Our offices are positioned in Zaprešić (next to Zagreb) and Varaždin. We cover all regions of Croatia. Our sister company operates in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and partner company in Republic Srpska. This markets are managed by a  principal company from our offices in Croatia providing support to local teams in stated markets.

Internal organization is divided in three integrated divisions, one delivering project related services, the other delivering property related services and the third one delivering marketing and PR services. We ensure a strong integration of all divisions to deliver the complex solutions needed in the three service types.

Over the years we provided a wide scope of services on major assets and projects in Croatia. Know how of our company is based on more then a decade of experience and strongly developed company structure and culture within. Our employees have accumulated experience in all fields of real estate service providing. Our employees profile is a mixture of civil engineers, economic experts and employees with legal backgrounds, therefore we are able to deliver structured and integrated service to our customers and partners.

Our services are always delivered in a team, headed by experienced team leader responsible for project with the assistance of our management providing key account management. Our services are conducted locally in local language, and towards a client if needed in English, German, Italian and French.

Internal processes have been developed and adapted to the market. Furthermore internal controlling and reporting processes have been highly influenced in a positive way since our heritage had formed previously in an international real estate holding .