HE Puklavec

Technical Due Diligence for HE Puklavec d.o.o. on ITC d.d. and factory in process of take over
Period: 2008
Client: Hrast export Puklavec d.o.o.
Services conducted: Technical Due Diligence
Milestones achieved: Due Diligence report on urbanism and status of objects
Project description: In process of take-over of ITC d.d., furniture producer, HE Puklavec d.o.o. contracted us to over go a technical due diligence of factory premises and urbanistic documents to be able to evaluate sustainability of location. Weak points were identified and reported.

Location development and environmental study for HE Puklavec d.o.o. upon takeover of ITC d.d.
Period: 2009
Client: Hrast export Puklavec d.o.o.
Services conducted: Location development
Milestones achieved: Location development for master plan, assessment of environmental influences of factory processes, basis for environmental evaluation and study
Project description: After takeover of ITC d.d. we were contracted with location development which resulted in master plan and preparation of necessary documentation and processes needed for further environmental assessments and basis for environmental study due to the complexity of production processes in furniture production and wood treatment.