Something new – Leggiero Loft in Westgate

The places we go to for coffee and socializing today have become much more than just a café, and this is exactly the guiding principle for decorating and opening Leggiero bars. Leggiero Loft aims to provide authentic atmosphere, impeccable service and quality of the product, thus enriching the time of the team itself and, most importantly, the guest. From now on downstairs, the newly opened Leggiero Loft Café brings the right refreshment to everyone!

In addition to premium Lavazza Tierra coffee, you can also enjoy freshly squeezed juices known as Leggiero Mix, fresh smoothies and protein shakes at Leggiero Loft. After shopping, treat yourself to a drink in the cozy interior of Leggiero Loft, as well as the outdoor indoor (winter heated) and outdoor patio.

Indulge in the superior service of our staff and feel the difference.